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It is a little different from other more mainstream counselling styles, though it uses much of the methodology of a variety of other styles of counselling, including conventional counselling and psychotherapy, at times.


To treat a client holistically is to consider the WHOLE PERSON, ie typically MIND-BODY-SPIRIT. The Holistic Counsellor’s goal is to assist the client to bring balance into their whole lives and ensure the client is in touch with their own needs on a holistic level.


Holistic healing is based on the theory that one element of a person cannot be healthy without all of the other aspects of the person being in balance and harmony.

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Youth Counseling

The mind will not be well if the body is not well; the body will not be well if the spirit is not well, etc. The three aspects of a person we mainly hear about in holistic healing are mind, body and spirit (or soul).


Each of these three aspects could be built on or dissected, to give us an even more detailed and accurate picture of the many different parts that make up a person on a holistic level.How we view or categorise these different aspects is going to depend on our own personal, spiritual or religious belief systems.

For the purpose of clarity we will consider a fourth element to the holistic wellbeing equation and that is emotion. So we have mind, body, spirit and emotion. When all of these aspects of a person are in balance we find a happy, healthy individual.


When one or more of these aspects are out of balance, we find ill health, unhappiness and more often a life filled with an ongoing string of dissatisfaction, failure and one personal disaster closely followed by another.


Together, we find solutions to problematic life events causing you problems and stopping you moving forward in life.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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Holistic Counselling provides you with a way to:

  • Find support, strength and solutions to move forward;

  • Let your inner wisdom guide you to the solution to your challenges;

  • Heal old wounds, from your personal life, from family or from relationships;

  • Be fully supported by a compassionate, understanding professional who will hear whatever you need to express;

  • Affirm that your personal challenges are meaningful, and your desire for support valid and normal;

  • Appreciate the hidden learning and gifts that arise as you find your way through the problems you’re experiencing;

  • Learn to view life challenges symbolically, to gain perspective on your problems and lighten the load.

Practical and supportive

We will seek to understand the problems you’re experiencing, and find ways to help you move past them. Focus on practical strategies to address your life challenges, and affirm your personal authority in directing your own life and choosing your own path to health and wellbeing.


We respects your perspective; is free of blame and judgement; gives you space to have your say; and trusts that the ideal solution to move through your challenges can be found.

Image by Priscilla Du Preez
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So what does Holistic Counselling address?


Holistic Counselling supports you to resolve challenges with:

  • Low confidence and self esteem;

  • Difficulty speaking up;

  • Social isolation;

  • Depression;

  • Stress;

  • Fears and anxieties;

  • Guilt and shame;

  • Feeling trapped in life circumstances;

  • Personal challenges in life goals or career;

  • Relationship issues;

  • Difficult life stages;

  • Building healthy support strategies;

  • Coping with chronic health issues;

  • Rebuilding after experiencing loss or disappointment;

  • Many other circumstances.

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