If you look at your life as a series of paths leading you from one success to another, it becomes clear that many roadblocks can impede your progress.


Depression, anxiety, life transitions, and trauma can all slow you down, trip you up, and prevent you from not only getting where you want to go, but also enjoying the journey.


Here at The Holistic Tree we help you look inside yourself and discover new paths and ways around the roadblocks.


Using a holistic counseling techniques, We provide services to you that integrate life meaning and goal setting into an overall approach of mental wellness. Together, we’ll look at mind, body, and spirit to find solutions.

We have experience working with couples and individual adults in counseling on a wide variety of issues, including:


> Stress
> Anxiety
> Trauma
> Spiritual Questions
> Life Meaning
> Life Path Directions
> Major Mental Illnesses
> Grief
> Career advice
> Relationship

Depending on your unique needs and history, we will work together to develop a self paced and approach that gives you the tools you need to overcome these roadblocks. In addition to concrete coping skills, we will help guide you through a big picture sense of your experiences, and how you can turn negatives into opportunities for reflection and growth.





Raj is a man who has found his calling in life - helping others heal.


Raj has a background in IT, consulting and senior management, however in 2008 due to personal circumstances out of his control, Raj made a conscious decision to choose another path in life. Both inner and inter-generational strength is what Raj attributes his new life pursuits to. 


Having studied counselling and meditation over the last 8 years, Raj now tries to devote as much time as possible, working to help others as a counsellor, trainer, facilitator, motivator and case manager.


Raj is also accredited in Holistic Counselling, Meditation, Tao Hands and Reiki I & II.

IICT Certified Member.



Jane has been facilitating intimate meditation circles in Lane Cove since 2013.

Her spiritual practice has been a life long pursuit and passion, blessed with inspiring mentors and teachers.

She also encourages and takes small groups into Nature - for nature fix. Many studies have shown that simply by being in Nature our bodies 

shift in to a healing response our vibration raises, our nervous system stabilises and we more effectively balance and repair. 


She annually facilitates a New Year ‘ Circle of Friends ' labyrinth walk with ceremony . ritual . prayer . affirmations and guided meditation to the beat of the frame drum.

IICT Certified Member.